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This initiative led to the production of the steel-case .These lighters are believed to be the first company-advertised lighters produced by Zippo and are highly prized collectibles.These naughty kittens just needed an excuse to lure the guys into their apartment and turn it all into a foursome sex party.The exams are over and it's time for some winter break partying and group fucking in this crazy college dormitory.The world-famous guarantee that It works or we fix it free™ still covers every Zippo windproof pocket lighter today.If your Zippo lighter needs repair contact our Australian Zippo Repair clinic here.Starting in the mid 50s, date codes were stamped on the bottom. The date codes have since become an invaluable tool for Zippo collectors.

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From 1933 to the mid 50s, the word Zippo was stamped in block letters. What began as a quality-control tool for Zippo founder George G. To identify a potential pattern in any run of lighters returned for repair, the bottom of every Zippo lighter was encoded with a series of markings.

The Zippo script logo was developed in the late 40s and was phased-in on the lighter bottom stamp around 1955. Since the 1950s, those markings provide a way to accurately date most Zippo lighters.

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