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However, I think this was also made clearer through their use of values and panel pacing.Both of these factors are essential when it comes to visual storytelling, with pacing being something that can very subtly harm comics if not done correctly.We also get to see in these dream sequences how Ota alters her style to fit the moment and story, creating this slow transition from her regular style to this parody of the art you find on romance novel covers.Not to mention that her use of expressions and contrasting panels creates a story that can evoke a lot of different emotions at times.And even though it seems he has an easy time making friends with women, dating them is another issue entirely.

What about the rumors of middle schoolers causing trouble, does that have anything to do with the sounds she’s hearing outside her shed door?As a lover of the romance genre, Lucky Penny felt to me like a pretty light read that also managed to include dramatic fight scenes, comedy, and some serious heart throb moments between two pretty likable characters.The story starts with the stubbornly optimistic Penny losing her job and her apartment.Hirsch and Ota’s level of experience shows in these areas.With years of working on both their own comics and partnering with established series such Adventure Time, they’ve had time to learn what works best for landing jokes and expressing sombre moments.

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