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We "drafted" everyone & told them where & when they needed to "report to duty". Plus, you could do lots of other things, such as go hiking or mountain biking, learn about wildlife in your area, compare life to a hike and make a game about it, learn how to survive in the wilderness, watch the video "The Mountain of the Lord" about building the Salt Lake temple, collect a mountain of food, clothing, and other supplies for the needy, clean up a neighborhood nature area or park (respect God's creation), learn about astronomy and go up to an area without many city lights to look at the stars and talk about the Book of Abraham (August has a meteor shower in the first week or so), learn about different mountains in the scriptures, talk about faith and how to develop the kind of faith that moves mountains, learn to paint mountains or other nature scenes, write poetry or songs about mountains, write and perform a play or read fables or stories that have to do with mountains, learn to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of sharing the gospel with others.The leaders were the officers & there was morning roll call & whatever the bugle thing is in the morning & evening, I think we did calisthenics each morning! ~Jenny Last year, we met at Bear Lake, had rotating classes (4 I think) of gospel topic ideas that different people in the stake taught.

One goal of Prevail is to increase safety for each child and teen in services.Prevail officers supportive services that help teens who have been in an unhealthy dating relationships.The goal is to provide a space for teens to learn about and ask questions about healthy and unhealthy relationships.The stake is planning a boat dance (maybe dinner too? I assume they are planning a testimony meeting & I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked it off with a fireside the night before or maybe the Sunday before.~Stacey Write or call the Humanitiarian Sort Center and ask for a copy of 'Humanitarian Service Project Guidelines' Sort Center - Humanitarian Service Projects 1665 Bennett Rd. We got the kids an army green t-shirt that said MASH on it.

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