Xbox repair status not updating

Then go back to Fort Tarsis and talk to Prospero before you go to Forge.

Users report Anthem crashing on the PS4 with ERROR (CE-36329-3) and others report crashes on PS4.

Are you trying to download the Anthem EA Access early trial?

If you don’t see the game in EA Access, you can refresh the EA Access Hub and then you should be able to see it. Now it should start downloading and installing so you can play the game.

If you have, we’ll be reaching out to gather info; if not, please reply to this thread on AHQ” In the thread users are reporting on the crash and any steps they took to get back into their PS4 again.

One report says the PS4 shows ERROR (CE-36329-3) when the game crashes.

Starting in March with an Anthem update we are hearing that playing Anthem on the PS4 is causing consoles to shut down unexpectedly and some users are reporting that Anthem is bricking their PS4, making the console completely unusable.

Reports are coming in of Anthem bricking PS4 consoles with the latest update in March.

If you own Anthem and play on PS4, you may want to avoid playing until you know more.

You can try to rebuild the PS4 database to fix your bricked PS4. It takes just a few minutes to start, but could take an hour or longer depending on your PS4 hard drive or SSD size and how much you have on it.

Right now there is no official word from EA regarding console replacements, from Play Station about Anthem refunds or from Bioware about a patch to fix this problem. The first happens when you start the game for the first time and try to go to the Forge.

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If this is happening to you, you can fix it easily.

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