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Charts of the moment can be helpful in advance so you know what to expect, and after the fact, can show you what led to what.They can also be used in advance for planning a specific moment to have an event (most often used for weddings).You can create charts for the possible dates, times, and locations you have for an event, and try to schedule it for the chart that is most auspicious.You’ll want to try to avoid a retrograde 1st house ruler and retrograde house ruler for the house ruling the type of event, and you’ll want to see a positive planetary ruler and ruling house to increase the positive energy.Each character goes in a separated word on its own.The biggest and most powerful league of Taoism on the land.A lot of the same rules apply, and you would like to see some good Venus and Jupiter, and less hard aspects.Evaluate both the aspects between your chart and the event chart, and where your natal planets fall in the houses of the event chart.

The English translations here may or may not be consistent with the existing translation of the comic.The current league was reformed by Dong Fang Yue Chu more than 500 years ago. The community of fox spirits led by the three sisters -- Honghong, Yaya, and Rongrong.The sisters' strong magic power keeps their land in peace and prosperity. She is the powerless state of Tushan Honghong after the love renewal with Dong Fang Yue Chu, but she still has the ability to endure the attack of Tear of the Void.Not only can you look at the chart by itself, but you can also compare it to your own chart to see how it directly impact you.This is like doing synastry, comparing the charts of two people to see how they get along.

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You can take a look at the ruler of whatever the event is in the chart, both by planet and by house, and get more information about the event.

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