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Many look like they've been created using the Sim builder from Sims 4.Their eyebrows are too high, their skin texture is poor, and their eyes seem to be disproportionately large.One of the more exciting, system-level features coming in 8.2.5 is a new Party Sync feature.

Players can also earn two faction-specific mounts by playing an old Pv P battleground during the event.Alliance [Source] The new human male models are a clear upgrade, but while they look much sharper and better defined than the old models, their facial expressions and dimensions don't seem to tally very well with the originals.[Source] I'm biased here, because most of my characters are human female, but I think these are way off base.I'm one of those who's on the "WTF" end of things when it comes to my main character.Here she is in all her original glory (left), while the right shot shows her new face and more "voluptuous" body.

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Am I the only one who thinks my char has gone from smokin' hot to getting a John Rivers-style facelift and what seems like a stick up the butt? While I'm sure much attention was given to maintaining the integrity of the source material, I just cannot see my character in there.

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