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I think I could play a really solid femme-mythical-humanoid creature. I wasn’t looking to be an actor, but could not be more grateful to have (more or less) fallen into this art practice.Maybe something a little more scary-aggressive than Jules would be fun. I grew up on comic books, so I feel like I owe that to my younger self. It’s been life-changing as an artist and as a human being.Different to other examples from the same type, the hermaphrodite of this group does not seem to have her mouth open in terror but seems to smile, mocking the attacker.The base was discovered with the group but does not belong to it. The statue was found in the remains of a villa at Prato Bagnato on the Via Prenestina in 1776 by Nicola La Piccola and sold to Blundell in 1786.That said, it can be fun to approach it from a face-painting perspective, and use it to flesh out a character.

She plays Jules, the new girl in town who becomes fast friends with Rue, and who moves even faster with mysterious men she meets on Grindr. If I like work, I’m a happy camper, and I love my job here. I do find myself missing the energy of New York more and more often as my time away from the city progresses. My friends and loved ones, the energy, how productive I was, the subway, and walking everywhere when I wasn’t on the subway. I went to an arts high school, and was surrounded by drama students who dreamed of working in the industry.

A.], partially because I don’t have to dress up for castings anymore, and also because I have become accustomed to wearing sweatpants on a daily basis, mostly when going to work.

(I have to change into costume when I get to work—what’s the point!

Pretty sure I’m hooked, and have not yet found a reason to stop. I definitely have scaled down my commitment to attempting to pull looks as often.

Partially because I don’t really go out here [in L.

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