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If your date was very smooth, very charming, and disappeared without a trace, he likely decided that you were too good a person to be put through his wringer. This doesn’t make him a terrible person, as we all feign pleasure with people at various points in the day/week. Why doesn’t he call and tell you he was pretending to be into you the entire date? He may kiss you and think, “that was awesome” or he may be less thrilled.The first few dates are about trying each other on, and seeing if there is a connection.That is actually a conversation that mature adults should be able to have.If he didn’t call and share this information with you, please see item #1 at the top of this page or item #5 below.Understand that dating and being in a relationship are two separate ballgames. Avoid being intimate if you have doubts about where he stands. I was once dating a guy for about a two-and-a-half month period. Until, six months later, he texted me a super-long apology telling me the reason for his disappearance. Know that these disappearing acts may have little to do with you and have a lot more to do about him.Without any understanding between the two of you about the relationship, he’s free to do as he pleases. He told me he was too busy for a relationship, among other issues. In the early phases of dating, people put on a facade, or alternatively, people can only scratch at the surface about someone. You need to be mature about the way you handle the situation.Perhaps he wants to go forward and she says, “I’m not sure about the landscaping.” It’s okay; and this is the perfect time for both of you to be picky and take your time.

So, if you want a relationship, and a guy you’re dating says he’s too busy, be grateful that it’s over. Lots of guys function on a blueprint for their lives. Yet, he made the choice to walk away from an amazing woman. Another guy may pull a Houdini on you, but sometimes that’s a part of dating. Try to stay away from the view that it is a failure when guys disappear.

You drive across town to a casual but nice restaurant.

He makes charming conversation, laughing at your jokes and saying very little about his job.

Will the Player have his eyes focused on you in the restaurant?

We all know the answers, and e Harmony Founder Neil Clark Warren said it best, “Being single is a thousand times better than being in a bad relationship.” 5. ” Explanation Some of you may be saying, “All these reasons are fine.

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