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It is in their nature to constantly learn new things, facts and to fill their brains with information.

Thanks to their curiosity, people love to spend time with them learning new stuff from Geminis.

From its representation throughout the human history, through mythology and early beliefs, we may draw some conclusions.

Gemini zodiac sign was represented as two pillars joined at the top and its base.

Even when they settle down, they do their best to keep everything fresh.

Also, they are open minded and happy to try everything in the bedroom.

They love to love, they love seduction and rituals of love.

Even to this day, the book remains banned in most of the nations.

Considering that constellations shift over time we may hear sometimes that astronomers say that horoscope is not accurate.

That is why we use Tropical Zodiac with fixed system in order to avoid confusion.

Gemini born persons are intellectually inclined in constant search for information.

They are real Zodiac chameleons that can blend into different groups of people.

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