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It’s very difficult dating someone because clearly, I can have my people call up somebody else’s people and set up a phone call, date or something, I’m really straightforward, I’ve always been that way, I ask questions early. I think people wait too long to find out information that they should know in the beginning. But that’s not the last time you’ll hear from us musically. After you spend time with someone you can catch feelings, and it’s really infatuation, it’s not so deep. We would definitely collab with the right artist, it would have to make sense, and make songs for soundtracks, stuff like that. I’m not desperate to be in a relationship just so I can say I’m in a relationship with a man.

Bonnie covered for Sheila’s arrival by claiming she was there to interview to be the new maid, and Sheila agreed to take the job but demanded money to keep her silence about Bonnie's scheme.

Today they’re considered one of the most successful girl groups to ever record an album. Please tell me about some of the emotional memories that were triggered by this docu-series. It seems like it’s only been about 10, but it’s been about 26 years?

However, a lot has happened between what they did back then, and where they stand now. Chilli: Anytime we talk about our sister Lisa it’s always a very touching moment because she’s not here and she hasn’t been for a long time. You just have to get through it the best way you can and move on. But, every time I hear my sister Tionne talk about her sickle cell and all that stuff, I really get full. And we’ve never broken up and just having loyalty to one another and to this TLC thing is huge.

And I’m like ‘I’m true to who I am, I know my self-worth 100 percent, and I know what I deserve.

If I can’t get a man who’s deserving of all of this, and I can’t get the same qualities in him, then I wait.

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