Who is sandra lee dating andrew cuomo

From hardscrabble childhood to renowned TV personality, Sandra Lee is one of the recognizable faces on TV. The 49-year-old, Sandra Lee has lots of ups and downs with failed marriage and long battle with cancer.Despite all life troubles, Lee is living happily with her boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo who is the Governor of New York.

“Well, I did it once and as I was walking up the aisle I remember thinking, It’s not too late to run.The next year, Cuomo announced a million plan for New York to create "the most aggressive breast cancer screening operation in this country."A tweet from Lee around Valentine's Day 2017 sent the chef's followers into a straight-up tizzy.She posted a photo of herself in a white dress and captioned it, "I'm having such a lovely time digging through all of this #wedding #Inspiration!They have been together for decades and still no rumors of their break up and fights have spread out in the media.Andrew Cuomo is a very supportive boyfriend as, during the worse time of Sandra, Cuomo was side by side with her.

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