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We try to lift and inspire each other.”They’ve only been dating since February.July 12, 2007 The romance between The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman's Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst definitely captured the imaginations of the viewers of this most recent season of The Bachelor.After the event, the two kept it low-key, mingling with the other athletes and refueling on trail mix and muffins.The paper also reports that Andy's physique is even more impressive than it was on The Bachelor, noting, "a Speedo keeps few secrets, and he looks even stronger than he did on television." While it seemed clear on The Bachelor that Andy and Tessa had a strong attraction, it was also their love for similar activities like outdoor sports that made it seem possible that the two could build a strong relationship beyond that initial attraction.Andy almost made it to the awards given to the top three, coming in fifth in his age group by completing the swim in 31 minutes, 28 seconds.Tessa, while not quite at Andy's level, still did well, placing 19th in her age group, and coming in with a time of 44 minutes and 11 seconds.

Last week on July 7, the couple participated in a swimming event in Andy's hometown of Honolulu.

However, they toured together first at Warped Tour 2011.

After that tour in 2011, it was confirmed that they were a couple.

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