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The Jews buried Jesus with a face cloth, which disqualifies the Shroud as being the burial cloth of Christ.Furthermore, Jesus was buried with seventy-five pounds of extremely sticky spices, according to John , whereas the Shroud shows no signs of them.Here we present our view on the authenticity of the Shroud.

Is it possibly a by-product of naturally occurring chemical processes? Different groups have different stakes as to whether the Shroud is real.

In the end, we do not know how the Shroud was made, nor do we know how old it is, but we also do not need to know. Even the Apostles did not appeal to physical evidence for the Resurrection. Those testimonies are still with us today, in the pages of the New Testament.

There is a controversial piece of linen cloth residing in a cathedral in Turin, northern Italy.

Provenance: Many false relics are known from the Middle Ages, including many from the regions of northern Italy and France.

This raises the suspicion that the Shroud is also a forgery, since it was first displayed in the 14 century in France.

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