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The columns supporting the Gate create five passageways—the central passage being used only by the royal court, while the others were used by ordinary traffic.[5] The columns at the sides of the structure also provided accommodations for the toll collectors, soldiers, and officers on guard duty.

On August 16th, 1791, the Brandenburg Gate became open to the public.

Some say that after 1945, and even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of Germany's separation.

Reagan arrived in Berlin on June 12th, 1987 and was taken to the Reichstag.[14] Before some 20,000 people at the Gate, Reagan delivered his famous speech addressing General Secretary Gorbachev, asking that he would seek peace and prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe by opening up the Gate and tearing down the Berlin Wall. The speech had been called the most famous in his entire presidency, yet it received little news coverage east of the Wall as communists thought the speech was too provocative. The entire audience in attendance, as well as those watching the broadcast, were left with something deep.

Max Liebermann, a notable German-Jewish painter who witnessed this event, said that the sight of Nazi troops marching through Brandenburg Gate was deeply sickening.[10] The sentiment was commonly shared among Berlin's Jewish population, as well as foreign onlookers and some Germans themselves.[11] For those who supported the Nazi party, the Gate became a symbol of victory in this moment.

For many others, however, it was a monument of defeat and tyranny.

Suffering catastrophic damage and undergoing numerous reconstructions, the Gate slowly began to embody perseverance in the face of adversity, as it survived wars and brutal ruination time and again.

Once the infamous Iron Curtain went up in 1961, the Gate (located as it was in East Berlin) became inaccessible for the Western world.

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After a sudden rise to power, Adolf Hitler rose to power as the head of the Nazi Party and became Chancellor.

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