What to say on an online dating first message

I’d definitely answer if someone asked me something like that. Engender a sense of intimacy by sharing something that isn’t on your profile.

’ If you want to keep things light-hearted, start with one of those questions that everyone has an opinion about.

’ Would you rather have the power to travel through time or the ability to read minds?

Or would you rather eat a whole jar of jam or drink three gallons of orange juice?

For the first message, keep it crisp, clean, and correct. Don’t Talk Too Much Your message shouldn’t be a long diatribe about your career, your interests, and your hopes for romance—it should be about the person you’re contacting. This is a case where less is more (but definitely say more than just “Hi.”).

Your message shouldn’t go over 200 characters, which is about 1 minute’s worth of typing.

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Okay; so you’ve been browsing your matches online and you’ve come across someone who might be a possibility. How do you start the first message to what could be your soulmate in a way that engages and interests them without making you sound a bit odd? In his first message to me, my now fiancé complimented me on the use of an apostrophe in my profile (I’d talked about going to parents’ evening at school – sexy stuff.) To me though, someone who writes for a living, this was the ultimate in flattery and proved that he too knew his ‘their’ from his ‘they’re’. I appreciate that grammar may not be the way to everyone’s heart, so I’ve come up with a few ideas for the all-important first message.

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