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Once the 号 agrees, the operator sends your name, meeting location, phone number to the person who is to provide the service/perform the scam.

The service woman, once at location, calls you and pretends they were the one on the chat app and follows through with the service/scam.

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Access to their snapchat, kik, skype and more are just a tap away.

Then I get a message saying they are sorry (the lady I spoke to) and can send someone else to my room with a 100rmb discount. you almost never speak to the actual person on We Chat or whatever. Different girl came over and was obnoxious, demanded 6 bills up front which I paid.

There will be some people whose job it is to collect phone numbers of people who want to meet or want "services", we'll call this person an operator, you are often referred to as a number (号: hao).

Was at home, bored and curious and decided to actually follow through with one of the girls that offered sex through the wechat "nearby" feature.

i tell her to relax and she just yells to give her the money. At which point I literally through her out of the room.

Finally I just gave her 100 and told her to get the fuck out. So the girls you see in the pics aren't the actual girls who show up (surprise surprise)These systems...

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