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There are no add-ons required, such as the MSXML Parser or the SOAP Toolkit.

This makes the process of data interchange complex and time consuming.

I am using Xml Text Reader and Xml Validating Reader to read and validate the XML file.

Thanks Manoj @Monomachus Hi Monomachus, I want to validate a xml file and against a xml schema using a WCF service in C#.

Like: Write Xml( ) takes two parameters first the destination file where the output of XML file will be stored and second but optional parameter is Xml Write Mode option that specifies how the XML output is to be written. Xml namespace provides non-cached, forward only and read only access to XML data. XML document can validate in the following ways:· Xml Reader· Xml Validating Reader The Xml Reader class can impose validation by using a XSD Schema.

Some observers consider C# to be a Java replacement made necessary because legal problems have forced Microsoft to stop supporting Java (or Visual J , as Microsoft's version of Java was called). NET was designed to support XML from the ground up. To overcome this problem, organizations need a standard, simple way of storing data in a format that can be exchanged across multiple platforms.XML is a language that can display data in a standard and self describing format. Xml namespace, that contains many classes to write and read XML documents. Xml namespace provides non-cached forward only and write only access to XML data.The XML Schema Working Group is closed, having completed its work successfully.The specifications are now maintained by the W3C XML Core Working Group.

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