Updating ssl cert for iis

In order to check if the certificate contains the private key and how to repair it use this nice tutorial provided by Entrust The Issue is the certificate request(CSR) was not generated from IIS.

If you generated from Other sources e.g Open SSL it will bring the issue.

This worries me, as the certificate goes out of date in two weeks. I can't figure out why the certificate displayed is the old one despite the fact that the web site does no longer use it in the IIS manager. Hi, Have you completely removed the old certificate from the Local machine certificate store on your server ?

:/ MOSS 2007 should always use the certificate specified in IIS.How can you fix this issue without doing a new request or contacting someone for the key (if, for instance, it's the day before a launch? Due to the timeframe and some other issues, getting the key from the provider was not possible.I found the following solution here (under pixelloa's comment) and thought it would be good to have the answer on Stack Overflow as well.Oh and btw, why don't my empty lines show up in the final post once I've posted it?In the editor I can see the paragrahps separated, but not in the post itself...

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