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For updating firmware you also need the ‘Samsung Multi Loader’ (- Tools).

F48FXEID1 (April 2009), same as F480XEID1, but Pink-Edition. F48FXEIA3 (January 2009), changes: 3 new Widgets (Accu Weather, Google Search, Get New Widgets), 2 new Menu-fonts, new selectable menu focus-color pink Update firmware on your own risk! For all those, who have problems accessing provider-based services via WAP after updating firmware to a un-branded (newer) version: the web-browser of your phone is identifying itself via a string, called ‘User-Agent’, looks like after updating to a newer, un-branded firmware, this string changes.

i using 2 cell more nokia N 95 and nokia 6288 f 480 nice cell but when a call coming at cell the sound level and vibration is to time i miss my call because i not here ring tune or not feel vibration they are to slow in max volume,i feel that the only disadvantage this look pritty good. i have been using dis phone for last 6 months and i found that its camera is worst than that of 2mp camera , the application cannot be minimised , you cannot update your phone,cannot use secondary camera , no wifi , cannot install software form computer , sound quality is bit down .

It's no surprise that two Samsung touchscreen handsets released in short succession should look so alike.

Incorporating the company's Touch Wiz widgets homescreen and large colourful menu items, we've had no significant difficulty in navigating the menus or performing basic phone functions.

We're still not sold on the usefulness of the Touch Wiz widgets, though our review unit came with four Telstra widgets which are great links to Next G services.

Sad, i loved this phone, guess have to change to a new one now... hi i hope somebody can help me i just bought an 8gb micro SDHC for my phone and im not sure if it is compatible with the phone. is there a difference between micro SD and micro SDHC type of memory card? Change the value to 5.0 d B, should be enough for every BT headset/handsfree kit. Leave the submenu with ‘#’, then leave service-mode. Note: if you have problems connecting to Samsung PC Studio after using TKFile Explorer, just switch off your phone and on again..key (on the right side) simultaneously while switching the phone on.

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Capacitive touchscreens react to fingers only (or contact with any part of your body), so you cannot use a stylus, but the upside is a more responsive display.

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