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Since we never want to lose the opportunity to refresh the disconnected machine's view of the repositories, we can build the command to not only look for upgrade packages but also to update repositories.Enter to your USB flash drive and take it to another computer.

is available to help keep your computer up to date even if it cannot be kept connected by using a second internet connected computer, this other computer can run Xubuntu, another flavor of Ubuntu, or Debian. A few specific packages are not built to handle the disconnected environment, due to them running download scripts during the installation or upgrade process.

At the disconnected computer, insert the USB flash drive.

Navigate to the directory on the flash drive containing the two files then enter: Upgrading packages requires 2 stages: updating repositories and then the download and upgrade as required.

The error is: Updating repositories and upgrading installed packages…

FAILED on the log file: The easy way is to connect your SD after image format to a linux computer, look for the apt-get sources (sources.list) and modify the http for a functional URL.

Search for updating repositories:

updating repositories-68updating repositories-76

Throughout this we'll refer to this as to your USB flash drive and take it to another computer.

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