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Now in feet-first free fall, nothing registers but dropping into a black abyss. — a crash into rocks and then an out-of-control tumble down another 15 feet of rocky hillside until, finally, it ends with a jarring THUMP! Against all odds, not least of which was being a hemophiliac, Jesse survived and contemplated the near-death experience while recuperating at home in Dormont from a broken ankle, dozens of facial and head wounds and internal bleeding.

This adds up to 22 cents per service member monthly when spread out among the entire service force.[8] Using the Department of Defense’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget for military health of .88 distributed across 9.4 million beneficiaries, one can calculate healthcare costs for the average service member as being 5191.49 per year.

Thus, the additional 8 required by service members who choose to undergo transition amounts to an increase in their total individual healthcare costs of only 8.43%. https://gov/pmc/articles/PMC4977075/ 10.https://gov/pmc/articles/PMC4977075/ 11.https://gov/pubmed/25656174/ 12.https://gov/pubmed/25656174/ 13.

Economic analysis of transgender military personnel health care costs can lead one to a logical conclusion on whether these expenses pose an undue burden that justifies the termination of coverage.

To gauge the size of the supposed burden placed on government funds by transgender healthcare, one can first compare the amounts of money spent covering treatments that are medically of equal or lesser importance.

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