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why bother telling people not to click on a post when you will just tell them later??!!!! I heard this hippo say “have you ever noticed the size of your *bleep*? (sorry if that was innapropiate for saying) February 13, 2009 @ pm “Kiss” catlover- during gym they dont feel like that to me.

so i cant wait to get it February 13, 2009 @ pm kiss i hope i get the 4th most comments….way i’ll hopefully (and probably, cuz thats how it was b4…) get the sweetheart symphony piano that’d get me the happiest, but anything will bring up a smile February 13, 2009 @ pm “Kiss” my local store sells them for for lil’ kinz and for big kinz, they have new ones too (like the pelican,goat,glitter fish, and all the other new ones) but they didnt have the cotton candy bunny and lamb the last time i checked, which was a few days ago February 13, 2009 @ pm “Kiss” momz- theres alot of cruel people out there.

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It finally STOPPED snowing and I measured 11″ on the front porch. February 13, 2009 @ pm Kiss~ i called the store i buy my webbies from earlier and they said the lamb hasnt arrived yet but their gonna call me when it comes in and are gonna put one on hold for me.

February 13, 2009 @ pm kiss before i go…here is a picture of a heart _____****__________**** ______ ___***____***____***__ *** ____ __***________****________***____ _***__________**__________***__ _***_______________________***_ _***_______________________***_ __***____________________***___ ___***__________________***____ ____***_______________***_____ ______***___________***_______ ________***_______***_________ __________***___***___________ ____________*****_____________ _____________***_____________ ______________*_____________ February 13, 2009 @ pm Ki Ss x Ox Ox minich oh my god there is , welll i need ot read it still didnt finsih twlight tho just started the twlight seriuos yesterday alost done withe twlight tho LOVE IT !

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