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Before booking the two of you for a late-night party or rock fest concert, check with your guy.If it’s close to the week of the marathon he’s going to running or the big football game, he may decline.An NBA player can play up 82 games in a season over a 6month period.This can cause a lot unwanted drama and a lot of paranoia since most of the guys are seen as iconic almost heroic figures in many fans minds.But when it comes to we are talking about an entirely different thing.There is a major downside to dating a professional athlete. Most of the time, a pro athlete won’t have the time to focus on his significant other because he is always working or has a game out of your city.If the critics are yelling at him as you walk down the street about the play he missed last week, feel sorry for the person yelling, thinking that this is the most important thing in their life right now, and keep walking.It’s exhausting to be on at such a high physical level during the sport your guy participates in.

If the girls are batting their lashes at your trustworthy dude, feel complimented that you’re the one he’s with.When dating someone who is a professional basketball player you also have to remember that they are paid to show up random events in random cities.They may have to do a commercial in Denver then an appearance in San Antonio all while still having to play two basketball games over the next two days, in two different cities.Remember that you may have friends who envy your relationship, your money and your status.They may try to take your man from you and ruin your relationship all because they desire to be just like you.

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