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This is an abbreviation for robot which is a software program used to automatically send members on United Kingdom phony email messages.

Every single one of the 1063 emails was computer-generated.

This is the whole reason why Dating Busters was created, to expose frauds in internet dating.

Actually, there's only one reason and that's to make you believe that their website has real women using it.

But 99% of people don't bother to read the fine print, they simply look past it.

And that is the exact reason why these type of bogus hookup sites are allowed to flourish because no one is paying attention!

Online dating is a billion dollar industry and eventually would come a time when shysters and fraudsters would take notice and start infiltrating the industry.

Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened with adult dating sites.

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it couldn't be any clearer, found on the front page of United Kingdom is quite a bit of information in which the website explains exactly how they operate their fraudulent scheme.

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