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You can learn about the large quantities of silver treasures that they brought back with them here.

Furthermore, during the Viking period the old Nordic religion and its gods were replaced by Christianity.

The items with him included an expensive costume, an ornamental axe with inlaid silver decoration and a large candle.

These often consist of small pieces of material preserved by chance.

The strap was fastened at the front with a shell-shaped brooch.

Between the two brooches there was often a string of beads.

The woman of the period also wore a cloak over her shoulders, which was fastened with a small round or trilobite brooch.

On the other hand, finds from the graves of wealthy individuals show that some clothes were definitely imported.

The upper classes displayed their wealth by adorning themselves in silk and gold threads from foreign parts, like Byzantium.

Read also about the magnate from Mammen, who in 970-71 was buried with significant furnishings, including an ornamental axe and a candle – the old Nordic burial customs combined with the new Christianity.

A magnate was buried in the grave at Mammen in the winter of 970-71 AD.

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Our knowledge about Viking clothes is supplemented by written sources, as well as clothes depicted on small figures and tapestries.

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