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It's totally legit that sometimes you just fall in love with someone, and love them a lot and really want to make it work, but it doesn't ultimately gel because the two of you are vastly different people and want seriously different things out of life. You don't have to concretely know it's wrong — just feeling like you don't know is a pretty good sign it's not working.And if that is the case, some soul-seeking is in order, because I truly believe relationships should bring joy — not constant confusion and indecision and worry and dithering.

Rather than honoring God with their bodies, they see sex as inconsequential. God gave us intimacy because it’s part of the process by which we become one with another person. When you have a sexual relationship with someone, it creates a powerful, intimate bond. That’s why sex can be so damaging before (and outside of) marriage.

One question I get asked fairly often—and it’s usually from married couples hoping to instill good values in their children—is “What’s the right way to date?

” They’re wanting to give their children solid biblical advice about dating.

The company makes the suitable matches and introduces members to each other to encourage dating.

It operates under the Together Dating and The Right One banners.

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