Symantec clients not updating definitions

So, a quick lesson on how definitions are downloaded.

If someone uses the GUI and manually tries to update the client, that process uses the Windows Update client.

Recently I had a client using System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) who was having issues with Definitions not being updated across their enterprise.

They also had issues with trying to manually update the definitions using the GUI.

I will give you a high level reason why at this client they where getting these errors.

Is it true that the Symantec Scan Engine needs the -x86 update?

If the Symantec Scan Engine can use the i32 update, (I can look into 16-bit application issue later ) than what I need to do is fix why the Scan Engine is not updating it's definitions.

When the endpoint client updates via Config Mgr it using the Software update component piece of the Config Mgr Client.

Our last issue we had to look at is why a large number of servers haven’t had their definitions updated in weeks and months.

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This system (and a few others) are on isolated networks and so the defintions have to be run manually.

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