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As Sun Tzu said, "The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim." mentions most of the more notable figures from the Spring and Autumn period, so the lack of Sun Tzu’s appearance in the text does raise some eyebrows…unless you consider the abovementioned later date for his lifetime.It’s also worth considering that Sun Tzu is not the only Master Sun; Sun Bin, a more easily proven historical figure, could have also be referred to by this name.

Both Sun Tzu and Sun Bin encourage the use of strategy over brute force in battle.

Sun Tzu presented the two new commanders to the king and said they were prepared to do his bidding.

That is when the king is said to have seen Sun Tzu’s potential and given him his position as general.

Some scholars claim that the famous book was not actually written by Master Sun, but by his students as a collection of his teachings.

However, others assert that the book has a singular voice/style, so it is probably the work of one author and not a compilation.

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Or, if Sun Tzu lived in the later Warring States Period, he lived at a time when seven Chinese nations (Zhao, Qi, Qin, Chu, Han, Wei and Yan) were fighting over the fertile lands of Eastern China.

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