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Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public. It's commonly believed that the number-one problem plaguing relationships today is money.

It's been two years since you've seen him on VH1, doling out Tough Love relationship advice, but despite taking a step back from the small-screen spotlight, matchmaker Steve Ward has been busier than ever and recently launched his own dating app, Love Lab.

They represent them based on their age, appearances and how ideal of a mate they would make for their male clientele.

These “matchmakers” pay no mind to the woman’s preferences.

He has appeared numerous times on national TV shows including "Extra," "Good Morning America," "Good Afternoon America," "Today," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "Rachel Ray," "The Katie Couric Show" and more.

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to dating and relationship there are some traditional gender roles that still make sense. Opening a door for a woman, pulling out a chair, walking down a sidewalk between her and the street, picking up the tab is not chauvinistic, nor is it sexist. But if women want the respect they so rightly and richly deserve, they abandon this antiquated notion that because they are physically fit, educated, have a decent job and no baggage that they are some kind of prize, reward or trophy to be won by a man who has conquered his career, established financial independence and also happens to be tall, fit and good looking.

Dating was never mobile until seven years ago—the i Phone happened in '07, the first Android phone was in '08.

His book "Crash Course in Love," is a refreshingly honest and handy romance guide for women everywhere that was published by Simon and Schuster.

They simply use the women to satisfy their obligations to their male clients.

It is however quite common for reputable matchmakers (like us) to go out of their way to recruit for clients when they don’t have another client or a previously recruited individual available to introduce to their client at hand.

Adding insult to injury are a few independent analyses of the dating app's demographics—Wired estimates that 42 percent of Tinder users are already in relationships and/or married.

Technically, happily engaged Ward is one of them—he has been on Tinder for years—but for him, it's work: He's researching, gathering data, and messaging people directly about their digital dating experiences.

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If a man or woman comes to us looking to be prioritized for a match and has specific criteria in mind, we would charge them a fair and reasonable price based on their needs and budget.

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