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In 2015 the headquarters of the 25 enforcers were described as the Magna Carta Baron Towns, even though some were not towns.

Most of these places are in the north and east of England, but include the small village of Curry Mallet in Somerset, also in the West of England.

Long a market town, the Kennet and Avon canal to the north of Trowbridge has played an instrumental part in the town's development as it allowed coal to be transported from the Somerset Coalfield and so marked the advent of steam-powered manufacturing in woollen cloth mills.

The town was foremost producer of this mainstay of contemporary clothing and blankets in south west England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries by which time it held the nickname "The Manchester of the West".

Like other barons, Henry was later threatened by King John and his caput of Trowbridge was taken from him.

Henry then joined with the other barons to oppose John's arbitrary rule and forced him to seal Magna Carta (the Great Charter) at Runnymede; and was elected as one of the 25 enforcers of the charter.

The first mention of Trowbridge Castle was in 1139 when it was besieged.

A statue of Henry de Bohun stands high up in the House of Lords, looking down on the Lords in the chamber.It had over 20 woollen cloth producing factories, making it comparable to Northern industrial towns such as Rochdale.The woollen cloth industry declined in the late 19th century with the advent of ring-spinning and this decline continued throughout the 20th century.In the base of the tower of the present day church, below the subsequently added spire, can be seen the Romanesque architecture of the period.In 1200 Henry de Bohun was created Earl of Hereford by King John.

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