Southern dating habits

I saw him once again a few weeks later and, to be honest, I was expecting another round of flirtation.

But it was not to be – if he was flirting, it was all of the women I was with.

If you listen to him, however, you can find out all the answers.

Adopt a sweet, good-natured attitude toward your Southern beau.

He gave me a polite hug when he left and said he’d be seeing me around.

The next day he e-mailed my friend and said he’d had a nice time hanging out with our group and listed all of us by name. A few beers bought and conversation shared is just that.

Other interests might include country music, football or NASCAR.

However, you should tailor your efforts to your guy's interests.

Listen to his mother when she is around and find out what she likes; impress her with a gift or a decoration for her home that she would appreciate.She contributes to many different publications regularly.I have previously professed an undying love for Southern Men and their gentlemanly charms and their slow accents, which make even the most basic of compliments sound ever so much sweeter.He was single and seemed to be having a nice time talking to me in between songs. He spoke to my other friends, but spent the most time with me.To the point that a friend looked over and gave me a “He seems nice! And he hung around with me after his buddies had left our group.

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