Reconsolidating a student loan

Your interest rate options will be presented to you during the application process, at which point you can choose between a variable or fixed interest rate.Competitive Annual Percentage Rate (APR) The range of available APRs differs by repayment term.Learn how to apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan, or get additional insights on the Federal Student Aid website. This option allows you to include some or all of your private and/or federal student loans.Student loan refinance is a great option if you are looking to potentially lower your monthly payment, annual percentage rate, or remove a cosigner (like your parent) from an existing loan.

We make it easy to get your personalized rate and payment estimates with no impact to your credit score.

Discounts reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

The automatic payment discount may not change your monthly payment amount but may reduce the number of payments or reduce the amount of your final payment. Variable interest rates are based on market conditions, so if market rates go up or down, so may your interest rate and monthly payments.

You will retain most benefits offered by the federal student loan program (depending on your federal loan type), but you cannot include any private student loans with this option.

Some borrowers have utilized this program to take advantage of certain federal student loan benefits, like Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

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Fixed interest rates stay the same over the life of the loan. They can answer questions and help guide you through the process.

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