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Once the objective is changed, you cannot change it back and to win, you have to defeat Basil.

What I enjoy about this mechanic is that Ratigan comes with an objective tile that is two-sided, that you can flip to whichever objective you need to win.

I’m going to admit and say this character didn’t excite me very much, and that could be because I don’t have a personal connection with “The Great Mouse Detective”.

I have, however, added this film to my “need to watch list” and I’ll probably give him another go after I understand the movie and characters more. Yzma has a special setup that requires you to divide your Fate deck into four separate, smaller Fate decks.

Each pile will go above each of the four locations on Yzma’s game board- The Palace, Pacha’s House, The Jungle and Mudka’s Meat Hut.

In order to defeat Kuzco, you have to find him in one these four decks.

Synopsis One of the iconic Academy Award winners, Sophia Loren is an Italian actress.

Then, when you have enough Heroes in that pile that the strength would equal 15 or more, you win. There is a bit of catch to this Succession pile, however.

Along with acting, she directs as well as produces movies.

She is among that actress Synopsis Angela Michelle Harmon, best known as Angie Harmon, is a famous actress and a model.

If you want to get even more into character, try some of the fun new The Lion King merchandise that Disney has been releasing this month.

Ratigan’s objective is to start your turn with The Robot Queen at Buckingham Palace.

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Luckily, there are cards like Long Live The King that will allow you to quickly cycle through your Fate deck, so you can quickly find and defeat Mufasa.

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