Rapper eve dating a white man talambuhay ni dating pangulong fidel v ramos

Cooper, also the founder of the Gumball 3000 motor rally, popped the question to the Grammy-winning singer, full name Eve Jihan Jeffers, on Christmas Day while they were in Scotland, E! Though the “Eve” star didn’t announce the engagement immediately, she did share a photo Monday in which fans spied a big twinkly detail on her left-hand ring finger.

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Me and my mom and my lil brother Farrod just got to the English country side.

“When people found out I was with a White dude, some people really came at me on Twitter,” Eve said. “People were like, ‘I can’t believe you’re with a White guy, what the f*** are you doing? But now, it’s totally fine.” The Philadelphia-born rapstress, who recently released her new album Lip Lock, admitted that even she found it hard to adapt to a relationship with a White male.

Black women exist neither to be complicit in nor promotional of your male entitlement because you think we’re broken or that we won’t seek out love in forms that are not you, because you are straight-up tripp’n, bruh.

@aribines by Caroline Phinney Personally, I do not condone remaining friends with an ex but occasionally you have no other choice unless you're willing to risk losing all your friends along with them.

Even motivational speaker, entrepreneur and best selling author, Farrah Gray, weighed in on the topic of black women marrying white men in an article titled “Black Men Are Outraged” following Eve’s marriage.

Check out some of the responses from tweeters displaying their public reactions over Eve and Cooper’s new marriage.

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