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This can be done in one of two ways — first, with configuration.

As shown below, we're setting the format specification to show the log message's datetime and message and the program's name. Perhaps you'll want to log information in a different format based on what's in the message. Using classes makes an easier transition to complex logic for logs.

You can tag user-generated request UUIDs, particular logging use cases, or relevant categories based on the code that executes.

For example, let's consider tagging logs with a request ID. Well, it will provide an easy way to see all the log messages related to a particular request. You're able to see everything that happened to that request with some simple configuration. Now our log messages will include the request ID in every log message that's part of the requesting thread.

So let's review the logging levels available and what they mean.

So, when logging messages to yourself or your band of merry developers, make sure to log at the correct level.

When collecting more complex application logs, like those generated by Ruby on Rails (Ro R) applications, you must complete a few essential steps to make sure that your logs are ingested and parsed correctly.

When we're in a Ruby controller or model, we can log by just adding For those of you who've been in the Ruby or Rails ecosystem for a while, that may be a no-brainer. As mentioned earlier, we can set different logging levels for each environment.

After setting the logging level, let's improve readability by setting a simple logging format.

First, let's change the datetime format of the logging messages, continuing on from our configuration above.

Let's look at the basic setup of the Rails logger and how to customize it for our needs.

When setting up our Rails logger, we have several options to consider. In your file, add the following: Of course, we don't want to just start there. And that might be a bit much for normal production use. Once we realize we don't want everything logged all the time, we may decide to set our logger level.

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