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Also, please be sure to provide names and contact information for each of your co-authors.Most authors include this information in the cover letter.Anything more obvious than this would of course cause problems when the eventual meetup occurs -- it's easy to overlook someone being an inch shorter than advertised, but night on impossible to successfully hide a five stone weight gain without repercussions.The study concludes that these small lies were not merely self-deceptions, but deliberate.Keep a copy of the manuscript to guard against loss.If you encounter difficulties with submission, please email the Peer Review Coordinator, Sarah Dedej.Submit Manuscript Antonia Abbey Ph D Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology Wayne State University 5057 Woodward, Room 8201 Detroit, MI 48202 Email In addition to addresses and phone numbers, please supply email addresses and fax numbers for use by the editorial office and later by the production office.Most correspondence between the editorial office and authors is handled by email, so a valid email address is important to the timely flow of communication during the editorial process.

All publication forms, as well as information about which forms are required for your particular manuscript, are available on the Forms for Journals Publication page.A set of graphs doing the rounds on Twitter recently purported to show the changes in how heterosexual and homosexual couples meet.While categories such as "through friends", "in a bar", and "at school/work" were either declining or holding steady, one category has exploded in the last decade: "met online".Authors should verify in their cover letter that manuscripts submitted to have not been published previously and are not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.The cover letter should also describe how the manuscript relates to other publications, if any, based on the same dataset.

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