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Caution is a good thing, but with some knowledge, you can avoid 90% of all the negative reasons that is keeping you away from online dating.So, I wanted to go through the pros and cons about online dating, with some advice and statistics. According to a survey 2014, 50% of the American adults are single. Around 40% of those are using some kind of supplier for online dating. Of the current committed relationships, 20% of them began online. ” So here’s your answer to that inevitable sub-question: Some people use Tinder to hook up.

Many shy singles have trouble initiating romantic contact in real life because they’re nervous about the response that they will get.

Even if you happen to be shy, introvert or any other reason that keeps you away from love, then online dating might just become your best friend as well. Not just for love, but for meeting great friends too. I am a member of Tinder, Badoo, e Harmony and™. First of all,™ is the only online dating site that I’ve used that has features that actually promote your inner qualities.

This is something that almost everyone says they have, but how many features have you seen that actually does it?

• Tinder can become a time sink if you let it (by becoming preoccupied with swiping and messaging every hour of the day.) • Just like with any dating site or app, it does take some work. What you get out of Tinder depends on what you put in.

If you want to actually meet people in real life, you have to send a few messages back and forth and make a plan to meet them. If you think someone rejecting your profile is the same as rejecting you, as a person — and you give up on Tinder as a result — well, that’s on you.

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