Problems with dating a coworker

The more time you spend with your significant other in the office, the more likely you are of isolating your other colleagues.

Rumors of a clandestine office romance may ruin your chances at career advancement.

Then you thought better of it when you realized his boss could be looking over his shoulder at this very moment. Steamy, passionate, forbidden, afternoon delight was expected. You know if you walk out together, everyone is going to "Ooooh" like they're the studio audience on . Seeing each other at work when you're having a big fight at home.

You might be able to storm out of the house but you're not going to get a break from each other when you have that big Power Point presentation the next day.

A 2011 survey showed that 40 percent of professionals have dated a co-worker at some point during employment, 30 percent of whom claim to have married the romantically entwined co-worker.

While these statistics show it isn't impossible for an office relationship to succeed, there are a minefield of problems that can arise with office dating.

Dating a subordinate, at worst, may lead to sexual harassment accusations post-breakup.

But secretly, you're hoping to stroll in there and crush your significant other.

The only thing harder than living with and even loving your husband’s flaws and quirks is realizing that he has to accept your weaknesses, too. But first, here’s what Elizabeth Gilbert writes in :“People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other’s personalities. Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept the flaws?

The secret of an office fling can be ruined when one of your colleagues catches your indiscretion.

Everybody needs alone time, so being in constant contact with a significant other during both working hours and off the clock could cause one to be annoyed.

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