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It would almost be funny if it weren’t so completely depressing. Set during season 3 after "Jerry's Painting." This was written to fill the trope "playing Cyrano." Evan Hansen has had a long senior year, with the addition of a boyfriend, a best friend, and two pretty kick-ass girls in his life.

AU of the Parks and Recreation Gang in college with a plot similar to Pride and Prejudice. Side Relationships: Ann Perkins / Chris Traeger, Andy Dwyer / April Ludgate.

“Ever since they broke up, she’s been manic and he’s—“ One gesture toward the bathroom had been enough of an explanation; they’d both cringed as Ben continued to sing along, off-tune, to the same heartbroken mix he’d been listening to for weeks now. “Something better than what he’s been listening to. But now Ben needs a fake girlfriend to introduce to his family and Leslie needs more money for her department. Leslie is invited to spend the summer with his family.

But nor did it take away from my joy at watching one of the funniest, sweetest, just plain best episodes of this season of this great comedy.

“The promo that aired after ‘Ron and Tammy Part 2,’ which inadvertently gave away the upcoming wedding between Andy and April, was a simple human error on the part of some very apologetic NBC employees.

In an effort to undo the spoiler, we publicly stated, in a number of interviews, that NBC had just accidentally gotten the character names wrong, and that there was no upcoming Andy-April wedding.

In this universe Ben didn't take any extension after the 8 weeks of his original assignment ended in 2009, despite him and Leslie having a brief makeout session post Harvest Fest that they decide not to talk about. He visits Pawnee again in 2014, where he texts Leslie to have coffee while he's in town.

Leslie has dated a few guys since Ben and Ben has a girlfriend, although their relationship is rocky. She only tells Ben when she finds out it's triplets.

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