Pagan dating in southeast michigan

Open to everyone ages 18-91 (or more), male, female, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, cross dresser, those in between.Dinner and a conversation, Fet Life For anyone who identifies as a Dominant, of all gender identities and switches if they are wearing their D-hat.The Fur Mitten, Fet Life Warm and fuzzy place for the seriously sensual player (touching, petting, slow deliberate caressing – silk, spandex, nylon – blindfolds, soft whispers – nibbles, licking and much, much more). Genesee County Munch, Fet Life Students learning and sharing hands-on how to identify and utilize energy, both personally during daily interactions and in BDSM play.Welcomes members of all spirituality or lack there of, with any amount of experience (novice to advanced).Goal: To provide a warm and friendly environment conducive to exploring, learning and personal enrichment. People come and enjoy each others company without being pressured into anything they do not want to do.East End Workshops, Fet Life Topics vary greatly, provide attendees ample opportunity to try new things, hear from experts in their fields, learn safe way to do things, ask questions and find answers. Intended to be a pan-sexual BD/SM group for those of legal age.

Dedicated to safety, education and promoting a D/s structured lifestyle. Community space, run by members of this community, working on becoming a not for profit organization, focused on education, networking, and building community well-being and wholeness. Kinky Individuals Near Kalamazoo, Fet Life Munches and gatherings to allow people to get to know each other better and to meet others in the lifestyle.Grand Rapids, GRALE (Grand Rapids Alternative Lifestyle Enrichment) Vision: To educate and enlighten individuals to the lifestyle guided by the principles of Safe, Sane, Consensual, Respect, Honesty, and Confidentiality for members and non-members alike.Respectful of different lifestyles no matter their race, gender, or sexual preference.Trying to encourage open discussions on the Dominant side of the slash. The Downriver Meeting Place, Fet Life For the dynamically adorable, the brats, the sassy, and the spirited.Also for the supporters, friends, and voyeurs of the DA.

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