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Continuing advances in technology now mean that more people than ever before are able to use the Internet extensively for both work and social purposes.

In fact, according to The Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2018, 90% of adults in the UK were recent Internet users in the UK.

As I’ve written before, Tiger Woods didn’t take the time to make a pros/cons list before cheating. What’s sad is that, unlike Tiger Woods, they rarely face great consequences for their behaviors.

Their wives take them back and other women continue to want them despite their considerable narcissism and character defects. Read the full article here and share your thoughts below.

Athletes often start life at the opposite end of the wealth and prestige spectrum, but as soon as they exhibit an unusual talent for swinging a bat or sinking a free-throw they may find that the rules have been suspended for them.

They are waved through school and into the pros, and incidents of bad behavior are overlooked or covered up.

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is the term used to describe excessive Internet use, which begins to interfere with daily life.Medical opinion is divided on whether Internet addiction exists as a mental illness in its own right or whether it’s an expression of pre-existing mental health issues or behavioural problems.For example, a person who compulsively looks for gambling sites online may have a gambling problem rather than an Internet addiction.It makes you a man with an addiction to the rush of a first date.When you are dating so many women to the point you start lying to friends about who you are with because you are embarrassed you date so much, it’s time to hit the brakes.

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