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King estimates that the day of personalized training paid for itself many times over the first time he used the new features he learned about during his training session.Fortunate Downsizing Dave King started his business in 1992 after the company he worked for, IBM, decided to downsize its tool and die manufacturing operations.Two of the most labor-intensive and costly operations in a mold shop are roughing and fine finishing.The first of these involves hogging out large amounts of material to manufacture mold plates as well as getting EDM electrodes and machined mold components to near net shape for finish machining.

The STL file format represents a 3D object by describing the surface as a series of triangles.The file type is “unitless” — 1 unit could be 1mm or 1″ (or any other arbitrary measure) — so it’s important to know how the file was generated.The specific CAM technology improvements that Choice Tool received training in were Opti Rough (a 3-D full flute roughing toolpath based on Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology) and the unique advanced Toolpath Refinement algorithm used for making granular changes to finishing toolpaths in order to achieve exceptionally high surface finishes.This also gives me the flexibility to run a job on any of several pieces of equipment to keep projects moving,” says King.The company now has three Fadal machining centers along with two die sinker EDMs and a CNC lathe, which are all programmed with Mastercam.

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