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Eddie and Johnny both need more people, this PR ish stinks to high hell! He's naturally thick and the weight looks natural on him.Matter of fact, I prefer him with some weight instead of looking like a muscle head when he works out too much!But, I've seen him with plenty of women....wished I was in their shoes every single time! [quote comment="133817"]Gay or not, here's yet another successful Black man who's not with a Black woman. Ladies, we need to take a stand and do something about. [quote comment="133365"]These black guys make me sick, they dont mind prancing around a white chic.Men of others races need to wake up and realize that so many of their women are flocking to our men, and in turn step up and start courting US! I would love to know what you mean by "take a stand", and what you propose black women "do" about this so-called epidemic. Makes me love Denzel, Sam and most of the ol schoolers more for appreciating a black woman.[/quote] What black woman you know would want to be with a gay dude???Before I pass, it's always been my dream to have him sing a song to me... Okay, I have met him and I don't get any gay vibes from this dude. As far as the hot, and she isn't a white girl..yourselves a favor and get your facts right before you decide to waste 15 minutes of your life on celebrity gossip.I consider his voice to be the absolute BEST male vocalist that exists in the world right now, and I would be blessed...honored...(completely dazed =) to ever have that moment. He's really cool and down to earth..his son is freakin adorable! Him and Eddie have been friends since they were kids. Miami DW[/quote] Well she sure ain't black, thats for sure.We don't need to lay in the sun, getting baked and damage our skin. If I see another beautiful chocolate man walking around with a white chick with dark hair, I am going to scream!!! These guys don't realize these chicks just want some money and baby and they are gone!!

Black men already know what they are getting into, their not stupid,hell I've had a black man tell me his own mother told him she wanted him to marry me so that she could have grand kids with curly hair and then she tried to say she was just how ignorant is that! You know I find it very odd that these black men like dating white girls yet still there skin is not white they fake and bake it with Tan. Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Kill A Man By Fire Who Stood Her Up » #Disneyland Fight Brawlers Catch Assault & Battery Charges, Facing Jail Time» WHOA!

The success of the mini-series proves that Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny are still in demand.

Yes you read that ish right and no, I'm not talking about Eddie: Johnny Gill really has a girlfriend who he made sure to tote around the beach like an accessory in Hawaii yesterday.

Rumors about Gill and Eddie Murphy being in a relationship arose a few years ago but Gill has confirmed that he’s not gay.

In the video at the end of this post, Johnny explains that the rumors about his personal life didn’t feel good.

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  1. Though they were in a relationship with other people as of when they met, they both found their way into each other’s arms and started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.