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Choosing to be a pet is to give yourself to another and obey. This can be a dangerous submission as there is a possibility of losing oneself mentally because you rarely have thoughts of your own. Giving up control on any level takes a lot of strength.

Much thought and consideration should be taken before one becomes a submissive.

At Domme Mistress.com, dominant mistresses choose pathetic subs to worship them and maybe even date them if they are lucky! Mistress dating is not for the average submissive male - it takes a true slave to date a mistress. Then join for free and find a mistress local to you. Many men are already in this situation without even realising: they have a dominant wife! They have insecurities, fears, dreams like all other women.

Nothing feels as good as a strict mistress dominating you. Domme is full of harsh dommes who are looking for weak men who like to be humiliated. But dominant wives aside, some men are more self-aware and are actively seeking dominant women. This can be a real turn-off for a submissive slave male.

At BDSM Date there are thousands of mistresses seeking submissive men and slaves to obey their every desire.

If you dream of submitting to a serious mistress then you’ve come to the right place!

One still shares in the power balance with their dominant and sex is often a large part of this intense relationship.

Here’s my take: Slaves choose to give up control completely.

There have been many famous dominatrixes over the decades, however the UK has become known as one of the most liberal countries for domination role-playing.

UK dominatrixes are amongst the most feared in the world and range from upmarket 'posh' mistresses, to hard-raised women brought up on tough council estates whose experiences have made them all the crueler on their poor, pathetic subs!

Every now and then you may try to speak out of line, and you will probably be spanked. 'Dominant women submissive men' is the oldest story in the book. They may appear confident and successful in their careers and social lives, but once you actually get to know them, the shop front disappears and you start realising that they aren't as strong or powerful as they first appeared.

A dominant mistress will order you around, dress you, tell you when you can talk even.

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The term submissive refers to one who likes to submit to a master, to give up control for periods of time.

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