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From their reaction, I could sense there was subtle agreement.However, after saying that I had an impressive record, they again tried to emphasize how “competitive” was medical school.Around the world, criteria, structure, teaching methodology, and nature of medical programs offered at medical schools vary considerably.Medical schools are often highly competitive, using standardized entrance examinations, as well as grade point average and leadership roles, to narrow the selection criteria for candidates.In fact, this particular school had on its letterhead: “An Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Medical School,” an oxymoron if there ever was one.

I was more than happy to tell the entire story, including my disgust with the whole process.Still, I heeded the advice of a professor who advised me to apply to a graduate program where I could get a master’s in chemical engineering.I applied to 19 medical schools including two state schools. By the time I got past my third interview, I knew I was in trouble. Here are a few examples of what I was told: 4) “If you were a black female we could accept you.” 5) “We have found that students from schools like yours have higher grades than more competitive schools.” When I pointed out that my MCAT schools were well above the acceptance average of that particular school, all I got was a blank stare. Just after college, I started dating a girl who was one year behind me earning a bachelor’s in nursing.She had a friend who came from a very prominent and connected family.In the spring of 1977, she started dating a man who had been trying to get into medical school for three years.

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The medical school admissions system is rigged, and you know it. I have a bright future ahead of me, so I don’t have to put up with this.

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