Matthew roloff dating

Amy is dating real estate broker Chris Marek and has been for a while.

She is doing great with him and has obviously moved on just like Matt has moved on.

A lot of fans are happy that he has found love considering that Amy has already moved on and is dating someone new.

Now, it turns out that some fans are bashing Matt due to who the new girlfriend is and their past together.

Everyone is curious to find out if Matt and Amy will bring their new significant others on the show in the future.

Apparently, a "farm insider" said that Caryn, who had been an assistant to the Roloffs for years, is not working for the family at all.previously shared, Matt Roloff is now dating Caryn Chandler.She has been the manager of their family farm for about six years, including when Matt and Amy were still together and married.He actually shared the details on his Facebook page about dating her.A lot of followers were really happy for Matt Roloff and sent their congratulations to him for moving on with his life and finding someone new.

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