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3.15.06 - Michelle Trachtenberg will guest star on the April 4th episode of House on FOX. On the topic of whether Duncan actually ever succumbed to Kendall's charms, Mars creator Rob Thomas said here at, "Duncan's not built that way." Is that ego-deflating for you to hear or — and this is my theory — is Duncan simply built the wrong way? [Laughs] I guess Kendall is just not very discerning about to whom she gives her body. 11.7.05 - TV Guide: Joss Whedon Cheers on Buffy's Alumni by Michael Ausiello and Damian J.

3.14.06 - - Charisma Carpenter: From Mars to Paradise Island? But, given some new insights I've been given from Rob, apparently everything has a purpose and a meaning. Holbrook Think of the trend as "once more, with feeling." This TV season Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums are proving there's more to life than slaying vamps.

Online reports that Charsima Carpenter is going to do a movie with Nicholas Brendon and Chris Gorham for the ABC Family Channel this fall. After all, let's be frank — God didn't really design you to play the nice girl. Has Kendall had her fun and is she now all done with Logan? " Better motocross than some chirpy 20-year-old. So to everyone reading this: Go to the convention, get an autograph from Charisma and help that kid get a van. I missed your recent Lifetime movie, Flirting with Danger. Gellar will appear in the follow-up only briefly — just long enough to pass along the supernatural curse to the franchise's next, as-yet-uncast, victim.

It's a comedy called "Relative Chaos," and it's about a sibling rivalry that rears its ugly head at a family reunion. I know that has been an issue for you, always playing a bitch. That used to be an issue, but to be honest, I'm not trying to play the heroine chick anymore. 12.7.05 - From Michael Ausiello at TV Guide Online: Julie Benz (Darla) will be guest starring in the January 17th episode of Supernatural as Layla, a woman with a brain tumor who seeks out a definitely evil reverend known for curing the incurable. Online talks to Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter about working together again on the set of Veronica Mars.

- Michael Ausiello at You know that male-nurse role that ER is currently casting as a love interest for Linda Cardellini? Well, of course I could talk to you forever. Actually, I usually generously hand off David to one of my female counterparts. It wears me down, and it's hard to keep the momentum going.

I just heard that one of the finalists used to be on that little vampire show that Joss Whedon did a few years back. As soon as I know, you'll know (give or take a few seconds). It doesn't take itself entirely seriously, it's just summer escapist fare. Was reuniting with Nicky a factor in deciding to do Relative Chaos? 8.30.06 - Gellar's 'Addicted' to the Supernatural - 'Buffy' star gravitates toward South Korean remake Some actors attempt to avoid typecasting, but Sarah Michelle Gellar just can't say no to a good supernatural thriller.

' vets co-star Macaulay Culkin and Eliza Dushku have signed on for leads in the dark comedy "Sex and Breakfast." Alexis Dziena ("Invasion") and Kuno Becker ("Goal! and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who's been filming The Girl's Guide to Hunting & Fishing, make it a club date at New York City hot spot Plumm on Wednesday. Speaking of Joss, you're sort of known as the Buffy-verse alum who doesn't charge for autographs at conventions.... You told Playboy that you once had sex at an Oscars party? Oh my god, I can't believe I said that on a public level.

6.30.06 - Thanks to some fancy licensing-rights footwork by bossman Garth Ancier, WB will end its 11-year run on Sunday, Sept. Carpenter: I just think it's wrong to charge — it feels sleazy and desperate. Does the outside prospect of doing "that" become a factor when choosing a dress for the Oscars?

You’ll thrill to the tragic romance of vamp hunter Buffy and Angel (David Boreanz), the bloodsucker who veers between soulless killer and ensouled wannabe champion.

Carpenter: So when you laughed out loud, was it all at Nicky Brendon? " Now that you mention it, I can see that — even with the occasional shove/"Get out! In a cemetery [on Buffy] I did that with Nicky once, and that is specifically what I thought of. I was thinking on the plane ride that if Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants to do a film, she could do "Snakes on Elaine." Carpenter: That would be so good! Do you go into auditions wearing fishnets and stilettos, dragging on a cigarette? I was going to say that to stay as busy as you do, you must have some "eye of the tiger" in you. A Touchstone TV rep tells Variety that Noxon left due to creative differences over the show's direction with creator Jon Robin Baitz, and that her replacement is expected to be named shortly. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll find out if I have one or not. I'm not holding my breath but I'm crossing my fingers and toes and praying.

Carpenter: That's an interesting concept, maybe I should try that! I like being "psychotic." And in the last ABC Family movie I did, I was nice! Is the Carpenter clan competitive like the family featured in Chaos? Carpenter: No, we're not really competitive with one another, because I think our ages are so spread out. My favorite metaphor is from tennis: Do you have the courage to win? The ensemble drama is expected to continue production uninterrupted and make its scheduled premiere on Sept. 8.3.06 - Eliza Dushku Has 'Sex' With Culkin - 'Invasion,' 'Goal! 7.14.06 - People Online: So Happy Together After nearly four years of marriage, Freddie Prinze Jr. Well, I think that just about covers everything. Well, save for a Q&A excerpt I stumbled across during research.

by Matt Webb Mitovich With the long-awaited next new episode of UPN's Veronica Mars now just a day away (airing Wednesday at 9 pm/ET), grabbed a (figurative) hold of Charisma Carpenter, who this season has been appearing as Dick and Beaver's head-turner of a stepmother, Kendall Casablancas. My character's IQ is about to jump up about 50 points, did he tell you that? What, has Kendall been putting on some sort of act? Rob likened her to Annette Bening in The Grifters, which as you know is an amazing role. Here, their old boss, creator Joss Whedon, weighs in on his old gang's brand-new gigs.

Here is what the Buffy/Angel alumna had to share about her present in Neptune, her possible future on Paradise Island and the thing she cannot believe she revealed to Playboy. Alyson Hannigan Past life: Bookworm-turned-Sapphic witch Willow Rosenberg.

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