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The reason for their wide use in audio electronics especially in volume control owes to the perception of loudness by human ears.If two sources produce sound, then the human ear will perceive one source twice as loud as the other only if the intensity of sound of one source is ten times the other.When we rotate the shaft of the potentiometer, we actually rotate the metallic wiper attached to it and hence change the resistance. The relation between the position of wiper and the resistance is called the taper of the potentiometer.

But with potentiometers, this is not necessary because potentiometers can easily be adjusted to provide a range of resistance values by just adjusting a knob.

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is a small sized electronic component whose resistance can be adjusted manually.

Taper divides potentiometers broadly into two types:graph. Also there are reverse logarithmic pots which are similar to logarithmic pots, which have a taper opposite to that of log pots. Set the pot to the centre position (50% rotation) and measure the resistance between the centre pin and each of the outer pins.

If the resistance is equal (50% of the pots value) the pot is linear.

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Well to answer this, we need to go back to the heart of the potentiometer, the resistive strip.

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