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When Hawk discovers Laura's secret diary among the debris in Harold's cabin, it looks much thinner than seen before, presumably an indication that Harold tore a number of pages out of it in his despair and rage.

The final line of the Log Lady's poem, "Woe to the ones who behold the pale horse," is an obvious reference to Sarah Palmer, who sees a pale horse materialize in her bedroom just before Maddy is murdered by Leland/BOB in this episode.The sheriff's vehicle that approaches the camera at on the Blu-ray has one headlight out!Possibly, this was an intentional play on the missing body parts of the One-Armed Man and Nadine Hurley.The mantel at the Palmer home also shows a couple additional childhood photos of Laura not previously seen.The song playing at the Palmer home is "What a Wonderful World", performed by the great Louis Armstrong.

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