Notice the small metal clip which holds the bolt in place.First the bow in fully cocked position: Here's the lock from the side before and after the shot: Then the same from below the stock, showing how the lever moves: Now an overview of the entire apparatus from the side: Then a couple of shots of the top of the stock from an angle: Below is a briefer, timelapse tutorial video by British amateur bowyer Mick Grewcock, showing the manufacturing of a simple all-wooden crossbow with lever and pin lock.Regardless of it's apparent simplicity there is a big difference between one that works and one that is a pleasure to shoot.There are a few common variants of this type of lock mechanism.Today’s methods of securing property have become far more sophisticated with the use of pin-pads, swipe cards, infra-red detectors, surveillance systems and monitored alarms just to name a few.Home security: Good security, of course, starts at home!Next thread is knotted and - if necessary - secured with a drop of glue.Here are some images from a fully functional crossbow that utilizes this type of lock.

The front part of the groove becomes noticeably deeper right after trigger's pivot point.The front-end of the trigger has a shallow groove to receive the bindings that also go through the hole in the stock.As the hole is placed slightly to the front of the pivot point, tightening the binding thread sufficiently makes the trigger return to rest position by itself; the bindings effectively act as a primitive return spring.The lever's articulation is in a hind part of the stock, rather than at the front, near the string-catch.This arguably makes the crossbow somewhat more compact, as the lever occupies less space than it would need if the articulation was in the middle or front half of the tiller.

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